About us

Fashion set against innovation

Where it all began

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that count. Who knew that starting off a simple hobby in Norway could pave way to the emergence of a global fashion identity?

After 20 years of hard work, passion and resilience, a small scale family business gave birth to The Maria Nasir Brand. As a unique and internationally acclaimed name in the fashion world, reaching out to the masses was a goal from day one.

More than just a luxury fashion brand

As leaders in the fashion world, Maria Nasir focuses more on making a difference to those around. It is customer satisfaction that keeps us going, igniting our passion with more fervor than ever before. Be it bold hues or classic cool tones, it’s always about impressing you by bringing out that smile from within.

Our philosophy

The Maria Nasir Brand philosophy revolves around evolution- the concept of constant change, originality and improvement.

We have established a unique niche in the fast paced fashion world that routinely challenges limitations relating to exquisite weaving, printing, embroidery and the finest embellishments.

Our goal

Maria Nasir understands the true meaning behind style and fashion and how their incorporation into your lives can make a difference. For this reason, we bring forward bespoke design creations of the highest quality, while maintaining competitive price points across the board.

Looking like the best version of you is no longer a farfetched reality. We make your dreams come true by delivering custom designed pieces to your doorstep. Now you can fulfill your desires of the perfect dress.

We are committed towards providing clients like you with high standards and efficient services. And we will always go that extra mile because it is you that inspire us.