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    Darya-ye Noor

    About the Darya-ye Noor collection

    Diamonds are forever! The dash of that bling added with the silk spools, the colors of rainbow, and the ethnic embroidery –all of these are integrated over the premium quality fabric to create an epitome of elegance. Maria Nasir presents to you the very latest fashion collection “Darya ye Noor”. The rich cultural heritage of textile that has been intricately displayed in each of the outfit. The latest Darya ye Noor collection 2019 comprises of gloriously rich and award winning designs. Each creation is winning countless hearts across the globe with their intricate use of fabric selection, embroidery and brilliant cultural aesthetics. The combination of contemporary silhouettes with traditional aesthetic appeal gives each design a uniquely blissful charm of its own. Every apparel manages the true test of time with embellishments that will never lose their sparkle. These sartorial treasures are innovatively prized possessions that reflect superb craftsmanship and sincere attention to detail. Darya ye Noor's festive range celebrates feminism with streamlined silhouettes, dainty details and bespoke colors. Captivating eastern wear styles with the perfect touch of modesty are hallmarks of this collection. Add never before seen versatility to your wardrobe this season using our bespoke creations.